Cool Mama – the calming heartburn tea!

cool mama tea

a minty blend of chamomile flowers, spearmint leaf and marshmallow leaf”

Cool Mama Herbal Tea

The mama has paid a lot of attention to what is in her tea, she’s has had two pregnancies during both of which she suffered badly with heartburn. Working with a master tea blender and a medical herbalist she has come up with a tea that not only cools and calms but also tastes great. Here’s a few of the things that make this tea so great:

Chamomile flowers known by the Greeks as “ground apple” because of their smell, medical herbalists use them for their sedative properties to reduce stress-related hypertension, anxiety and insomnia.

Spearmint is the family to which your garden mint usually belongs to. It is gentler than peppermint (which mama tea would not recommend during pregnancy) and recommended by medical herbalists for heartburn and indigestion.

Marshmallow leaf is probably the least known of the herbs in Cool Mama, it’s botanical name is “Althaea Officinalis”, and is derived from the Greek “altho” meaning to cure. The root and leaves of the marshmallow plant are sweet and soothing to the digestive system.

Buy Cool Mama here or visit our website to find out more about all our caffeine-free herbal teas.


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