Herb of the Day – Spearmint


Reputed to have been spread across Europe by the Romans, who drank spearmint tea to “stir up the mind”, spearmint has been known for at least 2000 years. It’s botanical name is “mentha spicata” and it is the best known of the mint family when it comes to cooking and flavouring. Spearmint leaves can be used fresh, dried or frozen.

Peppermint is more commonly used in herbal medicine but it has a high menthol content that can be irritating to the digestive system, spearmint on the other hand has minimal amounts of menthol. Both mints are used for digestive problems and sometimes for catarrh and colds.

Spearmint is also thought to stimulate the appetite and helps to combat hiccups, and there has been some recent research into whether spearmint tea might be used as a treatment for hirsutism in women.

Spearmint is one of the key ingredients in our Cool Mama tea as it is good for heartburn and indigestion, it can also be used to soothe morning sickness, or simply drunk as a tasty and refreshing alternative to peppermint tea.


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